Show Your Support

We are always accepting donations and are currently selling things like handmade greeting cards. In the future, we may sell other items like organic, handmade soap, shirts, inspirational bracelets as well as other special items from time to time. We don’t sell anything to make money, but to raise funds to help support the mission of helping people who need it. You can show your support with any of our items. We are also launching our newest initiative, raising money while training for a half Ironman. You can follow this journey on our story page or donate to support the effort in our shop


The theory here is a paraphrase of Brian Buffini:  “Do it now, do it good and don’t stop until your good is better and your better is your best.” So, we know we are small and we know we are new at this, and we know what we have capacity to do and hopefully we know what we don’t have capacity to do, but we don’t want to have to wait until we get it perfect to start helping people. Just do, then get better, which is our pledge. If you have some suggestions on how we can improve, or grow or impact more people, let us know, I can promise you we will work hard to get better! If you want to get involved, contact us, a strong community of people willing to help can have a greater impact than just us alone.