The mission of the Gratitude and Grace Foundation is to spread love, hope and joy throughout the world. We are aimed at connecting people with support and providing resources to those who need help at a time when they need it most. Our focus is to help those battling cancer. We have a special place in our hearts for those battling cancer while raising kids and those raising kids while battling cancer.

If you’ve been there, or know someone who has, you understand that is not a typo, there are in fact two separate relationships that most cancer patients with kids go through, battling cancer while raising kids (kids are taken care of, cancer is requiring our full focus) and raising kids while battling cancer (cancer is being good, kids continue to need their parents). And that is why we are here, to help give you more days where the joy of living can be experienced because the obligations and stresses of daily living can be handled by those that support you.

One woman I spoke with was prescribed a $500 per month medication to control her seizures, with a gap in insurance and her income, she could only afford $500 every two months, so her solution was to take half a pill each day instead of the prescribed once a day regimen and she would have to deal with the seizures. The seizures were reduced, but not eliminated, not controlled. Because of her story, Gratitude and Grace was born. Why couldn’t an organization exist that can help her with the cost of her medication? I heard one families’ story, they had three children, ages 8,5, and 3. The three year old was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and after a few short months he had passed. All I could think about was, I wish we were able to help, I would love to send those kids, that family to Disney for a week, if for no other reason to show those kids that it’s ok to smile again. Because of their story, Gratitude and Grace was born. Why couldn’t an organization exist that can send a grieving family to the happiest place on Earth? Another story is of a family raising young kids, the simple task of doing the dishes and laundry was so overwhelming, it was the source of tension and arguments between the parents, one of whom was undergoing treatment for cancer. A simple fix? For a small fee, there are services that will come and help with chores like laundry, dusting, cleaning, and more. Because of their story, Gratitude and Grace was born.

Why couldn’t an organization exist that can connect a family with services like this to make the struggle just a little bit easier? Why couldn’t an organization exist that sends encouraging cards to people, to help try and lift their spirits and encourage them to keep fighting. We want to help people in ways that are so ordinary, we believe they will make the greatest impact on their lives. Together, with your support we can turn these stories from fiction into reality, providing hope and happiness to others so that they in turn can experience the Gratitude and Grace in their lives that I have in mine. The way we meet our mission is two-fold, sharing our story and offering inspiration to others and raising funds to support these connections and providing resources to people who need it.

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