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The Gratitude and Grace Foundation was formed in October of 2016, after 10 months of my own battle with Brain Cancer. Throughout my journey, from surgery to diagnosis, radiation to chemotherapy, as things got better I had a strong urge to give back. I was blessed to be able to recover, and as I did so I could not shake the idea of connecting people with services to help them get along in their own journey. There are many organizations out there to support cancer patients, and many are focused on research, cures and things that are beyond the person battling the disease. At Gratitude and Grace, our goal is to assist with the struggles of daily life, whether that’s providing a connection to a babysitting service so parents can go on a much needed date night or providing a connection to a local maid service so that some of the daily necessities are taken care of allowing you to focus on other things. We are also here to provide support through a kind word, an anonymous card and by sharing our story. We are passionate about spreading the possibility of hope in people’s lives and will take any opportunity we can accommodate to share what we have learned from our journey.

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The name Gratitude and Grace comes from two concepts that played a large role in my own recovery. The first, Gratitude, represents an outstanding level of gratitude and thanks that I have for everyone who supported me when I needed it the most. Friends, family, co-workers, doctors, nurses, receptionists, therapists, chaplains and strangers there is no shortage of people that helped me recover and stay positive throughout my struggles, these are the ones who provided me a life to truly be grateful for. The second, Grace, refers to the words a doctor told me the first night I was in the hospital for my brain tumor. A doctor who did not know me, my story, or my prognosis (at the time) told me that God’s Grace is sufficient, God’s Grace is enough. Those words had the most incredible impact on my life, my recovery, my outlook and I will forever be focused on how I can apply the Grace I have received and pay it forward in any way I can.

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View More: http://rjphotography.pass.us/davis2016 View More: http://rjphotography.pass.us/davis2016 View More: http://rjphotography.pass.us/davis2016